Bringing The Power of AI to Insurance

We create tools that incorporate the power of machine learning into your existing pricing process.

The Technology
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The Technology

Our first learning system understands the complicated combinations of factors that drive your insurance risk - at a level of complexity beyond which humans can see - then uses what it has learned from your existing data to score both current policies and future submissions to help you triage and price them.

As a test, we fed this system a set of actual insurance policy and claim data, then asked it to 'score' a separate set of policies it had never seen before. Each policy's score represents the system's estimate of the probability that the previously-unseen policy would lead to a claim. To test its predictive accuracy, we then sorted those policies top-to-bottom based solely on the assigned score and split those policies into ten equal-sized buckets, best scores to worst. We then calculated the eventual claims rate for each bucket. The graph below displays the result -- the Soteris scoring system demonstrates a clear ability to predict which policies are likely to lead claims, and which ones are not.

Our software has demonstrated the ability to raise our customers' profitability **over 60%**.

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The Team
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Who We Are

D. Scott Phoenix
Mr. Phoenix is the co-founder and CEO of Vicarious, which does fundamental scientific research into the nature of intelligence with the goal of building machines that exceed human intelligence. He is an advocate for the development of safe AI and a leading signatory on the Future of Life Institute's Open Letter on Artificial Intelligence. Before co-founding Vicarious, Mr. Phoenix was CEO of Frogmetrics (Y-Combinator S2008), Entrepreneur in Residence at Founders Fund, and CXO at OnlySecure and MarchingOrder. Mr. Phoenix earned his BAS in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.
Advisory Board - Co-Founder & CEO, Vicarious
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The Power of AI
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The Power of AI in Insurance

Over time, we plan to revolutionize insurance across the value-chain.

  • Our tools rank incoming submissions so your underwriters can focus on the best ones.
  • Our tools deliver modernized pricing using state of the art machine-learning techniques.
  • We plan to develop solutions to detect fraud/slippage within claims.
  • Our systems will allow your business to streamline its claims processing.
Our Investors
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Our Investors

  • YCombinator
    Early In: AirBnb, Dropbox, Stripe
  • Amplify
    Early In: DataDog
  • Khosla
    Early In: Square, Lookout
  • Foundation
    Early In: Netflix, LendingClub
  • Data Collective
    Data Collective
    Early In: Square, Elastic, PlanetLabs
  • WIN
    Early In: Applovin, Okta, Pagerduty
  • Clocktower
    Early In: Chime, Tala, Steady

  • Mohak Shroff
    Senior VP of Engineering, LinkedIn
  • Sam Hodges
    Co-founder & CEO, Vouch Insurance
  • Thomas Rutherfoord
    Chairman, Core Assurance Partners
  • Jeremy King
    Senior VP of Technology, Pinterest
  • Wes McKinney
    Creator of Pandas
  • D. Scott Phoenix
    Co-founder & CEO, Vicarious
  • Scott McNealy
    Co-founder & CEO, Sun Microsystems
  • Paul Buchheit
    Creator of Gmail
  • Roger Egan, Sr.
    Former President, Marsh & McLennan Companies
  • Beth Axelrod
    Global Head of Employee Experience, AirBnb
  • James Barrese
    Former CTO, Paypal
  • Frederic Kerrest
    Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Okta
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